Once Commissioned , Studio E17 Services Will follow these stages religiously:

STAGE 1 & 2 – Initial Consultation And Measured Survey
Stage 3 – Planning
Stage 4 – Detailed Building Regulation
Stage 5 – Tender Process
Stage 6 – Commencement Of Works And Site Supervision
STAGE 1 & 2 – Initial Consultation And Measured Survey

A face-to-face meeting is a vital first step because it allows the client to not only learn about the variety of ideas that Studio E17 Services has to offer, but it also allows the client to meet one of our experienced team members.

Choosing a design partnership that can not only convey your ideas in a straightforward and concise manner, but also one with whom you will feel at ease and assured that your needs will be met with your best interests in mind, is a critical decision.

An initial consultation allows you, the client, to have a brief outline of your needs. We will then talk about the best way to handle your project and whether or not any planning or building regulations feedback is needed.

Studio E17 Services will conduct a full assessed survey of your current property if you give us permission to proceed with your design. This will serve as the foundation for your initial design proposals. After that, you’ll receive preliminary concept sketches to review and comment on.

  • A site visit and design consultation are needed at the outset.
  • Contractual documents and fee proposal
  • This is a fully measured survey.
Stage 3 – Planning

We’ll handle all of the required planning paperwork and submissions once your design is complete. Planning applications must be supported by a collection of comprehensive floor plans and elevations, as well as current and future site location plans.

  • Drawings for detailed preparation.
  • Clients will be able to comment on the drawings.
  • Submission and coordination with the local government.
Stage 4 – Detailed Building Regulation

We begin your comprehensive building regulations drawings as soon as planning approval is given. Detail floor plans with precise setting out for all brickwork, window/door openings, sets of detailed elevations and roof plans, detailed cross sections, and a complete material specification are included.

Through an authorised building inspector, we handle all relevant applications and submissions. We have a close working relationship with an approved building inspector who we use on the majority of our projects; the benefits to you and, more importantly, your contractor are lower costs, faster approvals, and ease of use on site.

We also send the drawings to the structural engineer for analysis and feedback so that he can include a fee proposal based on the proposed work.

These comprehensive building regulations drawings are included in your tender kit of drawn information, which can be passed on to your tendering builders for a precise tender price. They can also serve as a contract between you and your chosen contractor for the duration of your construction project.

  • Drawings that show how to comply with the building codes in detail.
  • Tender sketches in great detail
  • Submission and coordination with the body in charge of the building regulations.
Stage 5 – Tender Process

We will help you choose the best builders for the job. We provide a tender procedure that includes sending cover letters, all specific drawings, and a scope of works/requirements outlining planned tender return dates and anticipated start on site dates, as well as requesting applicable insurance certificates, references, and examples of builders’ work that can be seen in person (something that we would always recommend).

  • Tendering contractors: recommend and advise.
  • Tendering contactors should receive all details.
  • Examining and analysing bids.
Stage 6 – Commencement Of Works And Site Supervision

We provide a site supervision kit customised to your individual needs, depending on the scope of work and complexity of the design. This not only gives you the peace of mind that the work is being done properly, but it also provides you with daily site updates that outline the progress of the project, workmanship efficiency, and schedule monitoring. It also ensures that you and the contractor have a professional partnership through Studio E17.

  • Attendance at the job site on a regular basis to evaluate and track progress and workmanship.
  • Throughout the construction process, we’ll be available via email and phone.
  • Prior to completion, sign off on the site and snag the job.