Home Extension

Studio E17 Service Produce Plans For Home Extension:

Studio E17 Services specialises in residential design projects of all sizes, from small to large. We provide the following services:

  • Plans drawn for home extension
  • Barn conversion plans have been drawn up.
  • Plans for an open-plan living area have been drawn up.

From initial ideas and concept designs to full planning and building regulations applications, tender submissions to contractors, and full on-site supervision, we handle it all. Please see the table below for a detailed breakdown of all of our services.

Why choose Our Services:

There are a slew of firms on the market that provide architectural services on various scales.

At Studio E17, we believe in an open and truthful approach to design, as well as common sense. We connect with clients and provide a friendly, practical service; after all, we are here to assist and advise clients, not to rule, as some alternative designers do. Our work ethic and incredibly high expectations are reinforced by our reviews, customer testimonials, and steady stream of repeat clients.

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