Services For New & Self Build

Studio E17 Services Produce Plans Drawn For New And Self-Build:

We have seen an increasing demand from both small developers and domestic clients wishing to purchase land to first receive sketch proposals/feasibilities, planning permission, and the ability to construct small projects of one-off new build properties. At Studio E17 Services, we have an ever growing client base that solely requires services relating to new build properties.

Our services include everything related to new construction, including:

Initial site visit – walk around the site to assess the buildability and viability of a proposed design, then discuss it with the client’s brief and specifications.

  • Liaison with local governments – Talk to your local government about your initial plans.
  • Initial outline planning details and related applications are developed.
  • Detailed planning proposals are developed.
  • Production of 3D graphics and a street scene.
  • Handle the cancellation of planning conditions.
  • Drawings for comprehensive building regulations are created and submitted.
  • Detailed tender drawings and details are produced.
  • Contractors’ tenders are being submitted.
  • Tender evaluation.
  • Construction drawing packages are developed.
  • On-site monitoring, contractor support, and client/contractor liaison are only a few of the services available.
  • Detailed site snagging in the construction process, as well as final snagging and sign-off work.

Liaison with relevant 3rd party consultants (relationships that have developed over time as a result of a positive working relationship) such as:

  • Surveys of topography.
  • Arboricultural surveys are conducted.
  • Contamination surveys on the ground
  • Consultants on flood risk.
  • Consultants of environmental issues.
  • Consultants in planning.

Why choose Our Services:

There are a slew of firms on the market that provide architectural services on various scales.

At Studio E17, we believe in an open and truthful approach to design, as well as common sense. We connect with clients and provide a friendly, practical service; after all, we are here to assist and advise clients, not to rule, as some alternative designers do. Our work ethic and incredibly high expectations are reinforced by our reviews, customer testimonials, and steady stream of repeat clients.

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